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Investigation on the  kinematic and dynamic properties and control methodologies of serial robots is the subject of many researches in TaarLab. Despite of the long history of serial robots, there are still several gaps to be filled. In TaarLab, the main focus on serial robots consists in proposing real-time approach for dynamic and interactive simulation of such a robot. In TaarLab,  researches on different topics of  serial robots are envisaged in such a way that provide an avenue to built, in the near future, an interactive serial arm to be able to interact with human arm, an illustrative example of human-robot interaction.  To this end, the following projects are under progress:

People Involved

   Behzad Mehrafrooz

In this investigation serial manipulators are studied via Open dynamics engine.

The first part of study concentrates on planar robots. In the next stage spatial robots are investigated. Also In this work a model for obtaining dynamics equation of an n-linkage robot is presented. We also linked SolidWorks CAD files with MATLAB to demonstrate our result in a GUI (graphical User Interfaces).


People Involved

Mojtaba Yazdani, Roya Sabbagh Novin

In order to have an experimental test platform for our optimal motion planning and fault tolerant control projects, a 4-DOF planar serial manipulator is developed. This manipulator contains four AX-12 Dynamixel actuators with good performance in position control which are connected to PC via a USB2Dynamixel card.
It should be mentioned that all experimental test algorithms should be developed in C++ at Linux to have a real-time interaction with this manipulator.