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Terrifying video shows people being electrocuted during electric pole collapse

Museum of science, technology, and the arts: What happened to the historic White S바카라사이트ands Missile Range?

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For anyone in the neighborhood who might be thinking about buying a home or buying a condo, beware: If they’re planning to stay in a condominium, expect another lawsuit.

And don’t think they don’t care.

“There are people out there trying to kill us with their cars and stuff,” said Michjarvees.comael Hulleman, a retired computer systems engineer who lived next door to where the power went down. “They are on the verge of destroying this community.”

A sign of the town’s renewed love for cars, however, may be in sight.

On Saturday, the town will unveil the first new homes since the power went out since the historic missile site was sold to the state, said Mayor Greg Miller, who also owns a construction firm and has served on the board of the county’s environmental program.

A group led by Miller, the district attorney for the town of Tompkins County, plans to open a new elementary school at the site, a major win for residents and neighbors who have been fighting a series of zoning changes and construction projects at the site for years.

“We’re trying to build a great community,” Miller said. “But these changes will probably hurt us for a few years.”

To be sure, Tompkins County is on a low-cost tear in downtown Washington, but local development is being driven more by investors, who have begun investing in the town than homeowners, the town’s own population, or many residents who have stayed.

Miller said the county plans to invest tens of millions of dollars into a $25 million high-density residential complex being built by New York-based development company W.K. Kellogg, also based in the United States. W.K. Kellogg is the same developer behind the proposed new golf course at the missile range.

If the proposed development project hits on the right track, however, Tompkins County is hoping to generate 바카라jobs — it is the biggest single employer in the town — as well as tax revenues that will fund many of the benefits promised b

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