Police charge nine over uk terrorism plot: Police on Thursday charged nine people over plans to bomb trains and train stations in the UK.

Officers raided London’s West End and arrested the nine who were on their way to join al-Qaeda in Syria – a foreign group with links to Islamic State in the United States.

The eight people arrested were linked to a group called “Isil,” which the FBI said it believed had links to “several planned attacks” against Western targets, including major landmarks.

They all have criminal records.

All but one have been charged with being members of the terrorist organisation.

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One arrested man, a 24-year-old man, faces a lengthy prison term. Two othe더킹카지노rs, aged 24 and 27, are facing similar charges.

Other arrests were made at airports, shopping centres, supermarkets, a car dealership, a house and a home.

The alleged plot to kill Lonjarvees.comdon’s tube stations was “a very sophisticated and sophisticated plan,” British Interior Minister Amber Rudd said. “I am absolutely convinced that this group did not intend to harm passengers.”

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British government sources said it was not clear exactly what the plan was.

Police said it was expected to include at least 10 improvised explosive devices and as many as 70 kilograms of explosives.

A police officer who witn더킹카지노essed the arrest said the suspects “were dressed as terrorists” but added they weren’t able to say how the device could have been assembled.

In a video of a police operation carried on Twitter, a police officer described how the suspects had been carrying an orange plastic bag with four knives.

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The van came to a sudden stop in a bus shelter. One of the four suspects walked up behind the van and pointed the blade at police and said: “Please, my friends. I am sorry I’m so fat.”

The police then got out of the van and, while trying to put it back on the road, the other four were shot at.

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One of the four is dead, another was injured in an officer-involved shooting and a fifth suspect was taken to hospital in serious condition, police said

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