Nato forces kill top taliban commander in Pakistan in bid to stem insurgency

Baghdad: Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Friday released a statement calling for a joint military and law enforcement action against the terrorist group known as the Islamic State and vowed to tackle them wherever they are.

“We call on all to take full responsibility for this and for all our security,” Abadi said in a statement delivered through his spokesman.

Abadi said he and other foreign ministers will be visiting Moscow next week to discuss the “extent of this threat, the nature of its organisation and the role of our foreign security partners” in the battle against the milit더킹카지노ants.

The new prime minister of Iraq also accused China of violating international law to “extract oil and fuel” from Iraq and urged “anatyasastra.comll parties not to do so. These attempts to recover these sources of funds are illegal.”

Abadi said he was “deeply concerned” over the recent developments in the Arab world and that the United States should be concerned as well.

The US embassy in Baghdad had earlier announced that Washington was urging other nations to “take decisive steps to prevent the loss of life from attacks by Daesh”. The latest developments follow a string of terrorist attacks carried out by ISIS against US and coalition soldiers. US-led coalition troops have fought ISIS on a range of fronts in Iraq.

Meanwhile, the US Defense Ministry says that the US-led coalition against ISIS in Iraq has killed more than 6,400 ISIS fighters and displaced nearly 1 million others, with a majority of them being civilians.

The ministry said Monday that around half a million civilians have fled Iraq.

The US-led coalition has been battling ISIS for more than three months, and is attempting to recapture parts of the northern and western portions of the country following nearly four years of resistance by a US-led international coalition.

On Tuesday, an ISIS leader declared that “the caliphate is being eradicated from the world” in a video that was published online on September 12. He praised the US-led coalition and called on its fighters to support them.

“We are with them, we are the ones who will fight against all the enemies, whether they be in the land of Al-Sham or of Afghanistan and we will fight to the end with you. You will be our vanguard, for Allah has not failed you.”

Also on Tuesday, Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warrnatyasastra.comen confirmed that in early September, American and coalition military personnel carried out nin

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